With the establishment of LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE, it creates the most powerful business cooperation platform, brand promotion platform, knowledge management platform, product development platform and training and education platform for lawyers worldwide.

Referral Service

In response to the professional needs of international lawyer services, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE strives to provide more business support and assistance to counsel in various countries with fast and efficient referral services.

Professional Training

In order to enhance the lawyer’s professionalism and business development capabilities, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE has conducted a full-scale R & D and promotion of international legal professional training programs.

Human Resources

Continuing to enhance the professionalism and business development of young lawyers, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE provides our clients with various services from in-house lawyers to senior partners’ recommendation.

Innovative R&D

In order to meet the needs of the new era and to promote legal business cooperation among countries, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE fully supports cross-border innovation and R & D activities in the legal profession.