LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE efficiently utilize hundreds of millions of pieces of time spent by member lawyers and firms to counter the increasingly competitive global environment and achieve trans-boundary superiority. LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is committed to establish an alliance of international law firms with the world’s largest and 10,000 lawyers in the world. In the future, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is not only the strongest brand in the international legal services industry, but also an innovative platform for law firms and lawyers. Each member firm and lawyer will retain their own brand, enabling both relatively independent operations and efficient integration on the LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE platform.

Special Committees

Future Strategy Committee
Judicial Officer Regulation Committee
Legislation Research Institute Management Committee
Law School Development & Evaluation Committee
Training Institute Management Committee
New Lawyers Training Management Committee
Young Lawyers Committee
In-House Counsel Committee
Innovations to Start-up Regulations Committee
Women Lawyers Committee
Outstanding Lawyer Selection Committee

Law Society Alliance members can:

use our database and data services

sign up for our bi-weekly Professional Update newsletter

network through our communities and regional networks

receive discounts on products and services from selected partners

Career and business support