Integrity is not only the character of LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE, but also a solemn commitment to all our partners and members at work.


Act decisively and pursue efficiency so that LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE not only focus on the speed of doing things, also stressing the efficient strategy and method of doing things.


Focused attention is the starting point of all LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE work, fulfilling quality communication with all partners, through professional interaction and value-added services.


Facing complexity and diversity, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is at zero and is determined to innovate in an effort to achieve cross-border cooperation and ecological growth.



LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is an “Internet + Law firms + Lawyers” alliance union platform: the legal services benchmarked to Singapore and consisting of more than 40 existing Chinese and Southeast Asian law firm members, and more than 4,000 individual lawyers, expanding globally for efficient integration of the legal professional sectors. LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE will not only help make its members maintain their local market strength, but also form a massive online and offline resources network for seamless collaboration. With the establishment of LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE, it creates the most powerful business cooperation platform, brand promotion platform, knowledge management platform, product development platform and training and education platform for lawyers worldwide.

LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE efficiently utilize hundreds of millions of pieces of time spent by member lawyers and firms to counter the increasingly competitive global environment and achieve trans-boundary superiority. LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is committed to establish an alliance of international law firms with the world’s largest and 10,000 lawyers in the world. In the future, LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE is not only the strongest brand in the international legal services industry, but also an innovative platform for law firms and lawyers. Each member firm and lawyer will retain their own brand, enabling both relatively independent operations and efficient integration on the LAW SOCIETY ALLIANCE platform.